"Madelyn ROCKS as an instructor and has a key element for a good class — her personality. You can be super good on what you do, but without personality, it's just no good. You have it all kid!!!"
- Eduardo Mendoza

"Madelyn will kick your ass and make it fun. The outdoor classes are fast-paced, challenging, and a great way to take your workouts beyond the treadmill and to the next level."
- Martha Galvez
"I love getting 'fitnasty' with Madelyn! Her passion and excitement for fitness energizes me during my workouts to push myself and work harder. She'll really make you break a sweat and accomplish things you never believed you could do!"
- Regina

"I have never worked out so hard and had so much fun doing it. Madelyn has amazing energy."
- Grover Cleveland

"I have always considered myself very active and physically fit. Then, along came Madelyn... my body and mind were challenged, motivated and made even stronger!"
- Jamie Lashbrook

"Madelyn and her boot camp classes keep me young and strong and slim! I did the class throughout last summer and found it to be one of the highlights of my week. It's a chance to get to enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in the city - and she uses every bit of it creatively: from lapping the reservoir, to climbing the stairs in the water tower, to lat raises on the side of the stage and shuffles in the [empty] wading pool. As an instructor she's high energy, motivating, and firm, but always with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. I haven't been so toned and slim as during a summer of boot camp in the park! She encourages and includes people at all levels of fitness (and you'll be at high level before you know it) - and the warmth and encouragement from all the students in the class make it a fun way to get a second wind and a burst of energy after sitting all day at work. I can come to her classes in a grumpy mood and ALWAYS leave happy and with a smile."
- Charlene Balick